We're the Smooth Pirates - natural-born rule breakers, storytellers, and your deaf guides to the raw emotions with powerful visuals. We want to spark meaningful conversations: challenge societal norms and inspire empathy through our journey. We want to prove the hypothesis that the forces of nature can heal us. This is our calling.

The logo for Smooth Pirates embodies the essence of the company's rebellious spirit and its commitment to producing compelling and dynamic visuals. Central to the design is a stylized flame, vibrant in color, signifying the burning passion and clarity of direction that fuels the team's creative endeavors. This flame is encircled, not contained, symbolizing the unbounded energy and drive that characterizes the Smooth Pirates philosophy.

Crossed lines beneath the flame evoke the iconic imagery associated with pirates – a nod to the tradition of challenging norms and charting one's own course. The simplicity and boldness of the lines reflect the company's straightforward approach to disrupting the status quo and making a strong visual impact.



Born and bred in the charming city of Stockholm, Sweden, Erik broke new ground as the first deaf person to undertake film and media studies at the renowned Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

With a master's degree in hand, he launched his own production company. Today, his repertoire includes over 100 diverse productions, and he has been honored with a dozen international awards.


16 years of storytelling and counting...



Adam, a native of Poland, made a youthful sojourn to Iceland, drawn by its bustling fishing industry. A chance encounter with the awe-striking Northern Lights ignited an indelible passion within him. Despite initial technical setbacks, his determination led him to refine his equipment, propelling his pursuit for capturing this celestial spectacle. This marked the inception of his journey as a photographer, guiding many to experience the ethereal charm of the Northern Lights.


For tech geeks - here is a list of professional gear that we're using so far:

Camera houses:
- Canon 5D Mark IV
- Canon R5
- Canon R5C, (Netflix-approved)

- 24mm f/1,4L II USM
- 2x 24-70mm f/2,8L II USM
- 100-400mm f/5,6-8 IS USM
- 100-500mm f/4,5-7,1L IS USM

- DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine

- Røde video mic
-2x Saramonic wireless mic

- 2x 16" MacBook Pro, M2 Max, 96 GB